Colgate® sensitive

Sensitivity Relief Pen + Sensitive Toothbrush

A pen that targets tooth sensitivity right at the source.

An extra soft toothbrush specifically designed for sensitive teeth and gums

† Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Sensitivity Relief Pen: For the relief of tooth sensitivity. Always read the label. Use only as directed and if symptoms persist see your doctor.
*For instant relief apply with fingertip for one minute. For lasting relief use twice daily.

3 Easy Steps




How does Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Sensitivity Relief Pen work?

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Sensitivity Relief Pen with our exclusive clinically proven Pro-Argin™ technology shields the exposed channels to the nerves. With regular use, it builds a long lasting protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity.

This prevents pain producing stimuli, such as heat and cold, from causing pain sensations.
Always store the pen inside the toothbrush handle. Before storing, wipe remaining gel and moisture from tip to clean.
No, you need to first brush with your toothpaste and then use the pen as directed.
Yes, studies have shown no harmful effects on tooth enamel when used as directed.

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